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Want to write a memoir or non-fiction? This is a very structured four month programme that runs with a series of emails, tasks and key lessons over these months. ​It will take your book all the way from an idea to a completed first draft  !  The cost is $350 or R3,500 in ZAR. 

This is a 3.5-month mentorship that will prompt, push and hold you to your promise to write your NON FICTION OR MEMOIR  

We follow the clear writing process outlined in the book Write your Book in 100 Days . This is a process over 180 authors have used to write and publish. This is a clear and structured writing process that will get you to create, plan, write and COMPLETE your book.

Looking for a closer connection ? You can apply for a personal mentorship. That runs over 5- 10 months and takes your book from idea to publishable book with the constant support of a mentor. 

We follow the clear writing process outlined in the book Write your Book in 100 Days . This is a process over 180 authors have used to write and publish. This is a clear and structured writing process that will get you to create, plan, write and COMPLETE your book.

Looking for a closer connection ? You can apply for a personal mentorship. That runs over FIVE months and takes your book from idea to publishable book with the constant support of a mentor. 


We know most writers need a few things to make real progress in their writing:

1. Some clear steps to follow
2. Experienced mentors to give you the right advice, hold you accountable and make sure you get it done.
3. A place to ask questions when you get stuck

You are getting these three key elements.  The mentorship is highly successful because of the many accountability factors we have in place. ​These are the real day-to-day nudges that are included, to keep you writing, keep you inspired and most importantly help you over your writing slumps.   


  • A very structured writing programme.  We do not use online videos (we don't find those work well) but rather you will a series of emails with key lessons and tasks to complete over these 3.5 months. You get 2 emails a week with very specific things to do.

  •  You get tasks to complete each week, and word count targets, that will take your book from start to a completed 50,000-80,000 word manuscript, if you follow the steps clearly.

  • You can join the Wednesday Weekly writing group for 4 hours a week (optional of course) with lots of personal connection and chats. 

  • You can join the once a month Three-Day Writing Binge (online) where we write for 8 hours a day for 3 days.

  • You can book personal session to chat about your book, or get feedback and advice at a discount.


In a nutshell, you will plan, write and produce your first draft over 100 days (realistically about 4 months with all the planning).  We follow the steps below. Each step will move in a linear fashion to take you from an idea to a completed draft. 

At the end of just over three months, you will have a book in your hand.
Here’s how this is going to work. It is practical and based on our years of walking writers down the path to publication.
There are a few parts to this that sort of add up to 100 days. Well the working part does.
Part 1  [10 days]  Plan. Time to design and plot your book
Part 2  [90 days]  Write! You write hard and fast with a view to getting down a minimum of 50,000 words



For most of this process we are going to focus on the first 100 Days and we are going to push, prod and drive you to get to that point. What point? The point where you are sitting with your first draft in your hand. The 100 Days deadline means you have 10 days of planning and 90 days of solid, frenzied writing to get you there. Easy? You bet.

  • BOOK STRUCTURE: This is both a course and a mentorship and Sarah is a structure fanatic who will show you that a strong structure is the gift that sets your writing free. 

  • What is your STORY? Let’s find it together.

  • The basics of planning a compelling book

  • The key elements of structure / plotting/ planning

  • Finding your hook, genre and message

  • How to build your book - chapter by chapter

  • Titles and log lines

  • Develop your characters and events

  • Working with dialogue

  • Knowing what to include and exclude

  • Adding depth and layers, tone and voice

  • Dealing with EMOTIONS of writing, procrastination or overwhelm that will kick you to touch if you don’t know how to handle it.

Module: What have you got yourself into?
Module:  Should you plan or just write?
Module: Set up strong 
Module: Think Big! Why your book needs a Big Idea
Module:  Find Your Genre
Module: Do you need to be an expert to write?
Module: How to build a book
Module: Tackle your book scene-by-scene, chapter-by-chapter
Module:  What type of books is yours?
Module:  Where are you headed?
Module: Sarah's rules of writing

Module: Hook them from the start
Module: What do you need to give up?
Module: Where is your book set?
Module: The hero - that's you!
Module: Who is your reader?
Module: Do some research
Module: Who else is in your book?
Module: Make yourself more physical
Module: Get talking 
Module: The types of scenes you need
Module: Can we hear your voice?
Module: Who's causing trouble in your story?
Module: Are you talking to your reader?
Module: Tell the truth with courage and compassion
Module: How to write about yourself?
Module: Where's the conflict?
Module: Make a list
Module: How does your story end?
Module: Refine your title and subtitle
Module: How is it all working out for you?

Perhaps until now you have written some blogs, an article, journaled, or a combination of them all. But now you are entering the realm of longer form writing. This requires planning, as you will learn. It also requires diarising writing time and blocking off entire days to write. Most of all, it requires tenacity and determination.

Jennifer Cole - Beautiful Children in a Ugly World

I never knew how to share my story, and then like a divine gift from the universe, came Kate and Sarah. From book structure and editing to publishing, branding and PR I did it! And if I can, you can. What an incredible experience – let them show you how. It’s a life-changing journey.

We have an entire page on our mentorships that you can READ HERE

Write your Book in 100 Days
Mentorship Testimonials 

I had the opportunity to speak with Sarah a year and a half ago, where I shared that I needed to write a book about my work experience in Colombia.  Today I am delivering the book to be published, and I want to thank you for your help and your Write your Book in 100 Days guidebook.  I used all the recommendations you gave me in our conversation, but also your book, that I used fully to get the book done. 
Jorge H. Jaramillo, President of Deceval, the private central securities depository in Colombia, 2023

With all the content for my book in hand and a message I wanted to share, I needed someone to help me structure my thoughts and give life to my ideas. Sarah Bullen masterfully brought all the words together into a completed manuscript. Thank you for your patience, persistence, integrity and professionalism. You made my dream come true!  Kim Potgieter, Your Midlife Money Makeover 2020

 I've wanted to write a book for years. I had so many ideas and half written chapters floating around in my head and on my computer but had no idea on how to even begin to structure them into a cohesive storyline in order to bring my book to life. Doing a mentorship with The Writing Room was the exact kick up the butt I needed to finally get out of my very complicated head and just write my damn book! The accountability, focus, feedback and guidance was exactly what I needed to translate my very big, overwhelming ideas into a single, streamlined, practical book that is now sitting on bookshelves across the country! The wealth of information and experience that Sarah & Kate have in the writing and publishing world is extensive. If you are serious about writing your book, you could not find a better team to work with than The Writing Room. They will definitely show you how to transform your 'nice ideas' into a reality. Without The Writing Room, I would not have a book. I am beyond grateful for their brilliance and guidance in my writing journey."

Leah Sefor, That's Not what I meant? The smart, savvy guide to real communication (2021 NB Publishers)

I’m definitely feeling sad to reach the end of the mentorship. This has been an amazing group of very motivated and talented folks. It’s been great to see all your stories materialise in front of our eyes. It’s been a strange time in the world and I really thank you all for helping me get through it with an actual product to show for it and some semblance of sanity.   
Drew Charles, After Party 2021

I did your 100-day writing course in 2015 for my novel, Gracie Stirling and the Whisper Horses. It's getting published! A small publishing house in Wales picked it up and will be publishing it. I have already signed the contract and they have sent their edits.   I just wanted to say a big thank you so much. The 100-Day course was invaluable and it provided me with the structure and "action"  they loved in the book.  Thank you! 
Jenny Kling, Gracie Stirling and the Whisper Horses, Gomer Publishing 2019


I’m no writer but had a story I needed to tell.  If you have a book “inside” you and you have determination then catch a ride with Sarah and Kate.  Hold on tight – it won’t be easy, and it does take time, but if you do it their way –
and do everything they say, you will get your first draft done.  Their wealth of knowledge on the craft of writing, the industry, and process and the motivation around it all was priceless.  Book 2 to follow soon and no doubt 
through this process again with them. 
Costa Carastavrakis - I am Costa, From Meths to Marathons 2019

It almost feels like a dream - like I had 20,000 words, then woke up four months later and now have nearly 80,000.  This course has been exactly what I needed and wanted - and more. Sarah Bullen thank you for giving us the perfect mix of inspiration, tenderness and whip-cracking. It has been such a pleasure getting to know you both and working with you - and I look forward to continuing my journey with you!

Anne-Marie Luck, Tokyo 2020

I LOVED everything. The structure and the accountability. I loved the combination of  inspiration and Sarah's taskmaster writing challenges. I loved hearing other people's progress and stories – it inspired me to carry on. Also was great as a forum to discuss some of the structural aspects of writing and really narrowing the focus of your book's core. The one-on-one sessions were brilliant as it really kept me believing I could do it and gave me good ideas to implement going forward. For someone who wants to do it but isn’t sure how or if they have it in them, this is the perfect way to test yourself. 
Leigh Taylor  2019

This mentorship has changed my life. They caught me in the air, and gave me a platform to write from, and guidance to feel. The Facebook group was really awesome, I found that reading everyone’s tribulations and successes brought us closer together, and I often found myself in exactly the same place as my fellow authors. The weekly accountability updates often had me in anxious sweats as I wasn’t always able to add to my word count, but it did push me to write and write and write. I would recommend this mentorship, slave-ship to every single person out there who has even the inkling to write a story. Just do it, as Nike said. Just do it.
Talia Day

This course was a big eye opener for me! It showed me that I can definitely write and publish a book, and that it’s also not an exercise for the faint of heart! However, with the Mastermind structure it’s much more accessible that just doing it in the dark… having the guidance, expertise, and intense delivery context is definitely a potential game changer. 
Brad Shorkend  -  We Are Still Human (And Work Shouldn't Suck) 2019


I started my journey with my beloved project in 2015. I dipped in and out of it for the past 3 and some years, feeling close to it but lacking that something to lead me forward. Since joining the group in August, absolutely everything changed. I keep looking back in awe because I’ve now completed a first draft. And that’s a big thing! There is something special about having a place to account as well as having two strong and experienced guides to crack the whip and remind you of your commitments.
This continues to be an invaluable experience for me and I feel mushy and weepy with gratitude for it. 

Gladys Ryan, The Selful Soul   published 2023

“Kate cracks the whip and Sarah moulds your book into shape” 
Sandra Buckingham 2018
“Sarah is the master at showing you how to write for a reader” 
Khanyisa Malungana 2017

“You are in for a ride of fun and learning, hard work, sleepless nights as well as the rousing and wondrous highs of 
meeting your own commitments in getting YOUR book done as you steadily come into your home run - your finish run -  the draft of your book! Get your ticket now.” 
Hester Bergh Appoyer - Being Nice isn't Enough!  2017
Kate and Sarah will help you up on your feet and moving in the right direction. 
They are kind, but clear; wise, but pragmatic. 
I recommend this to anyone who is ready to take their writing dream and turn it into a reality!
Anel Hamersma - Unleash Your Creative Self 

The people, the community that was formed, the honesty and vulnerability and the opportunity we had to share stories, realizing that it wasn’t just us, we weren’t alone, sharing celebrations.  What really worked was the commitment to the regular posts and you holding that firmly; the consistency was epic. 
Wendy Ward. Metamorphic Coaching and Presilience

I have challenged myself to test a dream. I loved it. This mentorship is extremely supportive & well structured so one is not left in the wilderness and wondering what to do or write next”. The weekly tasks are very well thought through and keep one on track and it’s wonderful to connect with other writers. It is a non-judgmental course and process and therefore you can explore your writing without fear. 
Caroline Menell 2019

Sarah and Kate’s writing mentorship is the stick of dynamite you need to stop gazing at your own navel and instead gaze at a finish line that gets steadily closer. If you’ve been struggling to get your ideas out of your head and onto the page, this mentorship will prove invaluable.  
Meg Chronis, romance author including The Seven Day Switch 2018

“I never knew how to share my story, and then like a divine gift from the universe, came Kate and Sarah. From book structure and editing to publishing, branding and PR I did it! And if I can, you can. What an incredible experience – let them show you how. It’s a life-changing journey.
Jennifer Cole - Raising Beautiful Children in an often Ugly World 2016

You have motivated me to fulfill my dreams:  
Hannelie Bronkhorst.

What an amazing and inspiring experience it has been. After sitting for years with bits and pieces of my second book done, I now have a completed first draft in my hands. 
Jacqui Holmes

D-Day – Wow! What a journey. Yes I have a first draft! 89 000 words! 
Carmen Tina Schneider.

I absolutely loved the process with Kate Emmerson and Sarah Bullen. Not having been an author before, the experience gave me the grounding I needed to complete three chapters for a co-authored book and get started on my first book. 
Bettina Pickering, The Emotion Coach 2016

“Anyone who feels they have a book buried inside should be part of this course to dig deep and uncover the book that needs to be written”. 
Jacqui Bourne

This has started me on a journey that I dreamed of from an early age but hadn’t felt confident enough to act on. The whole process of writing and publishing has been de-mystified and made ever so do-able. It is no longer an intimidating out of reach dream, finishing my book is now an attainable goal. 
Viki Runge

"I want to thank you for putting together this course material, the course itself and without a doubt, for the magnificent support, inspiration, nurturing, friendship and confidence that both you Kate, and you Sarah have afforded us during this ‘a journey into the unknown world of writers’. This has been one of the best things to have happened to me for a long time! There is no doubt that I attract fabulous people into my life. Bravo! "
Rose McClement

I absolutely loved the structure of the course and the course as a whole.  Thought you have made such a huge effort to design a great course and you both really know your stuff and it’s so helpful. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Sue Adams, author

This was the most incredible experience. I started my book a while ago  and completed the most awful first draft when my kids left to go to University and boarding school. They came home during lockdown so there went my writing. I grabbed your challenge with gusto and undertook to complete my second draft with major editing by the end of the course.  Jenny McGregor
The power of crazy deadlines makes me crazy and ecstatic simultaneously!  Book already being read around the world – Kate
This month has given me the gift of being on a fast creative train and I am in love with life! Gulistan Dhyan
I have mapped out 40 scenes and written 25,000 words of a new novel this month, so I’m still happy with where I’ve gotten to. I’ve found myself hitting a groove of writing every day  Drew Schapper

I loved the ZOOM bumtime sessions, I am grateful for this group process which helped me to focus, commit, write and affirm that I know enough to do this. Deep gratitude for your daily support, prompts, deadlines, candid self-reveals, humour, anecdotes, quips and quotes, and constant encouragement.  Linda Glass

I have been trying to get this baby out for a decade. I set a word count with the help of Kate and Sarah, I met it. The focus and discipline I found with the lessons and prompts below my mind," Geri McMahon, Ireland.
This 30 days was the most incredible anchor. I had fallen out of the writing zone with my second book and this kept me going. The daily lessons, audio, quote and notes just pushed me and pushed me. It was unstoppable," Catherine Glennie, No More Push Push
It was during this that everything finally fell into place with my book," 

Sandra Aquino, Secrets from Above
My big goal was to finish my second draft. Done."
I can't believe what I achieved in this time. I walk away with a competent and solid book plotted," Sue Adams author.
This was genius. I was pushed all the way to the end.," Jacqui Bauer
The focussed online writing sessions were just genius. I couldn't believe that we can write together, in silence, from all corners of the world and get so much done," Jana-Marie Coombes
I finished my second draft. It's good. I finished at 5am on the final day. I put the last full stop and it is done. I could never have done it without the group energy," Jenny .
The group and the push gave me such a creative momentum. It gave my writing movement and pace and excitement," Linda Odjugo, Italy.

I joined the Stop Mucking About accountability group with Kate Emmerson and Sarah Bullen Roderick because I knew I would not have the discipline on my own to finish my book. In fact I haven't stopped working with them since the writing retreat in Greece last year. And I am now on my third (and final!) draft with a deadline for 20-2-2020 to be done and dusted. The regular weekly updates, their gentle (but kickass!) nudging together with the wealth of information and tools they both bring makes this an amazing support group. Stop Mucking About is a worthwhile investment in you and your book! Just do it! 

Di Atherton 2019
Thank you Sarah Bullen Roderick and Kate Emmerson for getting me to actually produce a 120 000 word manuscript. It's so easy to talk about writing a novel, to think about writing a novel but to actually get down and do it is something else. You gave me the structure, the support, kept flagging energy going and an occasional prod and push, and it got done. You do what you say- Author Support - and its brilliant. Loved my courses with you. Thank you. Sue Adams 2019
Just wanted to share how useful and inspiring I am finding the Stop Mucking About program run by Sarah Bullen . There is no way they will let u fail and their support, loving guidance and constant presence have helped me to move forward with my project despite struggling with work life balance - please do yourself a favor and enroll.  Mary-Joe Emde 2019
Over the last four years I have been writing in circles and at the end of those four years I manage to have three excellent chapters but still no ending to my book. By joining the 'Stop mucking about' group headed by Sarah Bullen, I am now well on my way in writing the first draft of my first novel and the ending is clearly in sight. Their constructive feedback, prodding, encouragement and belief in me has made the journey an exciting and rewarding one. Jane Bond Australia 2019


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