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Welcome to The Writing Room, where authors gather to embark on a transformative journey towards achieving their dreams of becoming published writers. 

Our Story

Founded in 2007 by Sarah Bullen, an experienced author and literary agent, our story began with a series of Novel Writing Courses held in Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa.

In those early days, the focus was on novels, and our courses such as "Write a Romance," "Write a Novel in 100 Days," and "Write a Crime" provided technical guidance that led writers to craft well-planned stories with strong plots and deadlines. Over 200 authors embraced these courses, resulting in 20 published works at the time.

However, the tides of the literary world were shifting, and memoirs were on the rise. As the market dynamics changed, so did our approach. Novel writing involves crafting stories with magic, strong characters, and compelling plots, while Non-Fiction and Memoir Writing hinges on author branding and translating ideas into the written form.


n 2014, our Masterminds transformed into Mentorships, a process that sees 10 authors yearly engage in intense coaching to craft their books. Sarah Bullen, our founder and head coach, brought her wisdom to a Greek island, making writing retreats a reality.

The inaugural Writing Room Retreats debuted on Lesbos Island in 2014. This international event united writers from diverse backgrounds, showcasing the power of community and creativity.

“Sarah Bullen, brought her wisdom to a Greek island, making writing retreats a reality.”

Writing a book is not a single process

We continually ask ourselves: how can we best support writers in pouring their stories onto the page? Some years were marked by grand endeavors—large events and book fairs—while most were quieter, nurturing relationships and creativity.

In 2009, we introduced the Write Your Book Mastermind Group for Non-Fiction authors, business leaders, and thought pioneers. Imagine, back then, we connected via telephone calls—a far cry from today's digital world. The success of our first group paved the way for an annual remote Write Your Book Mastermind Group.


The digital age prompted us to launch the online course "Write Your Novel in 100 Days," an accompaniment to the in-person offering. The course has evolved, embracing its core essence—words, not videos, make a writer. With over 500 authors annually, 50% completing novels, it's a testament to their dedication, though publication isn't guaranteed.

We're not about shortcuts or churning out books. Our approach is intimate and consistent, resulting in personal connections and lasting friendships. Our mentors offer guidance, and we host year-long mentorships, pushing you to write steadily. We also journey on four writing retreats annually.


Writing a book is not a single process. It is a series of milestones you reach. After working with authors since 2007 we have a few ways to get you through each of these.

Over the years we have developed courses that are so effective and clear. You can do these in person or at a retreat, or online.

The process works to get an author clear on the book structure, and then pushes them to write consistently and steadily.

We have tried (to varying degrees of success) ways to get you to stick to the long process. Video lessons and content seldom work. We use a combination of an email lesson with clear tasks and an accountability system. You can do these courses in a self-study basis (4 months), or as a year-long mentorship.

  • The Novel and Non-Fiction courses work off a simple email lesson flow.

  • You get clear and directional lessons, and specific tasks that are challenging but will get your book right.

  • You will be guided through the entire process in writing your first draft in this way over 4 months.

The more advanced course, when you get there, will take you from a first draft of your book to your final version of your book over 4 months.

The Writing Room is more than a course that gets your book written, it is a community of mentors and authors. We have a weekly online writing group that is personal, supportive and full of ideas and writers.

You will join our monthly Writing Binge Sessions which are three days of solid writing each months.

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