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Sarah Bullen

the book mentor

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Sarah Bullen is an international writing mentor and literary agent, engaging with writers worldwide to help them express their narratives and bring their stories out. She founded The Writing Room and Kent Literary, Over 180 books have been published by some of the authors she has mentored over the past two decades. Sarah is a guest on talk shows, podcasts, literary festivals, and writers’ circles, she has been leading international writing retreats and transformative adventures since 2013.


My Story

Chapter 1: Breaking Conventions
Have you ever embarked on a path that defied conventions and ignited your curiosity?

In a world where words are my medium and stories are my canvas, my journey began. Breaking conventions, I embraced the realm of hard news journalism. Armed with a pen, I delved into the depth of stories that shaped lives, unearthing truths that society needed. My 10-year tenure in journalism laid the foundation for my unquenchable thirst for narratives that resonate.

Journalistic Days.jpeg
Chapter 2: The leap from newsroom to authorship
What dreams have you nurtured that could reshape your journey?

Words weren't just tools; they were dreams waiting to be penned. Guided by an unrelenting passion, I transitioned from journalism to the enchanting world of books with my debut, "Hey Baby!" (Penguin, 2003).

Chapter 3: Self Discovery & Painful Struggles
My husband's battle with cancer

Life's tapestry is woven with threads of joy and struggles. Amidst my writing endeavors, an unforeseen turn cast me into the heart of adversity. Faced with my husband's battle with brain cancer, we embarked on an extraordinary journey of shamanic exploration. Together, we navigated a mystical path, unraveling the magic of ritual and ceremony.

 Chapter 4: Turning Points
I found myself fighting for my own life

As my husband's journey drew to a close, life's script took an unforeseen twist. Amidst his final weeks, I found myself fighting for my own life, plunged into a four-week coma. In that near-death realm, I journeyed through otherworldly landscapes, emerging with a profound message. This pivotal turning point shaped my perspective on life, purpose, and the power of resilience.

Chapter 5: Personal  Transformation
I wove a tapestry of empowerment.

From the ashes of adversity, I rose anew. My focus shifted to nurturing aspiring authors, mentoring over 2,000 writers across the globe. Guiding both novelists and non-fiction authors, I wove a tapestry of empowerment. The written word became a vessel of hope, resilience, and personal transformation.

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