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Write Your Novel In 100 Days

with Sarah Bullen

This is a 3.5 month mentorship that will prompt, push and hold you to your promise to write your NOVEL.  

This is a 3.5 month mentorship that will prompt, push and hold you to your promise to write your NOVEL.  

First up you need to know that I am a huge fan of structure and plotting. I am a book editor and literary agent as well as a writing coach so I know that all stories need the architecture to hold them for the length of a full novel. I will want you to give your story into a rough outline, so my first step is to get that down on paper. I have a very tight plotting method we will use. 

I know most writers need a few things to make real progress in their writing:

  1. An experienced mentor to give you the right advice.

  2. Someone to hold you accountable and make sure you get it done.

  3. A place to ask experts questions when you get stuck

You are getting these three key elements in this mentorship. I set the targets and deadlines and show you how to move forward and write with clear focus and intent. This is the first step all writers must take down the path to publication. Without your first draft, you cannot progress to the next stage. So the first few weeks (yes weeks) are spent plotting and working out your plot points. Then you write to targets. 

In 100 Days you will end up with up to 80,000 words if you do the work as it is laid out in the course. I have been running this course since 2003 in various forms and I can honestly say it is just fantastic.

It will teach you to write a novel and push you the entire way to your first draft with daily emails, lessons and deadlines. 

It includes all course material delivered via email, a private FB group for access to other writers and advice.
Five month access to The Writing Room community,
Access to the Weekly Wednesday Writing Sprints and monthly Three Day At Home Retreats. 

If you want more personal sessions, then select one of the personal mentorships here.


*  Every day for the first month you will be given a short 2 min lesson via email to read, or to watch.
* Each day has exercises that takes you systematically through how to plot your book.
*  At key points you will be asked to send some work for feedback and review. 
*  The lessons will show you how to plot your story, step by step, beginning to end, going over what the story is about, who the characters are, where the story starts, how it reveals itself and how it ends. 

* The format of the course will make sure your story is set up right (the beginning hook) and has the dramatic momentum (the middle build) to carry it through to a fulfilling ending.
* You start actually writing after Day 10 and then the course will take you deeper into advanced plotting, storytelling, characters, dialogue, style, theme, genre and writing.
* Each stage of the mentorship has a task and word count targets for you to reach.
*  You are part of our closed FB group of writers in various stages of the publishing process where you can get advice, support or a reader
* You block book your own writing time when it suits you, using the prompts that I send you to know how far your writing should be at each point.  

Best Value

Write your NOVEL in 100 Days

USD 250


This is a 3.5 month course with The Writing Room

Valid for 4 months

FREE access to The Writing Room community

No Personal Coaching Session

Daily lessons and task via email

Paige Nick, author of  A Million Miles from Normal , UnPresidented, This Way Up,  A Girl Walks into a Bar Ser

This is the course I did in 2008/9 and I wrote my first novel. I was sick of thinking about writing a novel and making false starts for years, so I took a week off work and did this course. By the end, I'd trashed the novel I'd been wheel-spinning on, and had a new idea. A month later I had a very dodgy first draft, which later became A Million Miles from Normal, published by Penguin Random House  in 2010. Today I'm working on my 9th novel, and pretty much still using the same techniques Sarah taught me.
So, if you're thinking of doing a writing course, stop thinking about it and do it. I can't imagine you'll regret it.

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