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This is for writers who have completed a full draft of a book and feel it needs input, improvement or a professional eye to assess it and give critical feedback.


A MS appraisal report is a professional assessment of all aspects of the structure of the MS such as plot, character, dialogue, argument, flow, style and concept . It is a commercial assessment that gives you a fresh, objective outsider's perspective done by a qualified editor.


The overall aim of this high-level assessment is to improve your MS and give you real ways to make it better and more publishable.   


During the process they will make significant notes and  changes.


At the end of the process you will get a full written report.  The report will make suggestions, changes and act as an overall assessment. It will suggest specific large-scale changes / improvements or refinements. 

Some editors will also make detailed edit notes on your manuscript, or comments, for you to work with. 

In a novel a manuscript appraisal focuses on structural strengths and weaknesses: Character. Setting. Plot. It will also look at plotting changes, structure changes, pace, characters and overall readibility in a novel.

The process will be completed in 4-8 weeks.​

​Please note that a manuscript (MS) appraisal is not an EDIT, but is a high-level structural assessment of the MS. The onus is then on the writer to 'fix' the structural suggestions and accept and work on the changes.  


On acceptance you will fill in a form with detailed information, and we will require your full MS, your pitch deck as well as any previous reviews. 


Professional Manuscript Appraisal

$1 200,00Price
  • The appraisal is paid 50% upfront. 

    In order to pay this please add this code to the checkout 


    The remainder will be invoiced on handover of the appraisal. 


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