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 A  year of dedicated writing


It may have been years ago when you started your writing journey, or it may that you are at the start. We know how hard it is to keep walking down this path as a writer. We are going to make sure you do. ​This is our very best way to support and nudge you along the path.


Join me on a year of slow, steady work towards your writing goal. 

You can join me and ...

  • Tackle and finish any writing project

  • Simply connect and be in a community of writers and creatives

  • Push your book to the end.

  • Write your second draft to make it the best version possible

  • Finish your book proposal and pitch deck

  • Build your website, author brand or marketing collateral 

  • Commit to blog content

  • Write a course


Bottom line? We write.


Sometimes it is not that easy to put LIFE aside and do it. We consistently find that what writers need most is to be held accountable. For someone to set a deadline, watch that you actively work towards it and hold you to your promise.



 The rate is $280 for the year. You pay once and have a year of constant and steady support. If you are in Southern Africa you can pay in ZAR and the amount is R5,300. That link to pay is here 


1. Three times a year we do a four-week push. During February, April and November we write 4 hours a day, 4 days a week. These dates are voluntary but the online Writing Room will be open during these times to join and write. It is a big push.


2. You get 2 x 30  min calls with your mentor to set targets and deadlines. 

3.  You have access to a year of our WEEKLY WRITING SESSIONS
Every single Wednesday there is a Writing Sprint session. We gather from 11am-3pm UTC/.GMT in the online writing room, and hang out and write.  You can join for one hour, or all four and can be working on any project (writing or book related). Join and get your writing locked down and in progress. 

Our famously wonderful monthly 'at home writing group'.  We do three days of solid and real writing of 8 hours a day. We connect in sessions over three days.  It is a sure way to progress your writing... up to 27 hours of solid work. Time is 11am-ppm UTC/GMT.

5. A 50% discount on the Write your Novel in 100 Days (usually $250) or Write your Non Fiction in 100 Days course (usually $450). These are the four month kicks you  need to start your book and get your first draft written.  You can join these at any point of your 12 month package. 

6 The Writing Room Author Support Group.
This is a dedicated FB page for our authors, a place to ask questions, share your writing and connect. You can get feedback, share your concerns, get Beta readers and find out what we are up to next. ​

A Year of Writing

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