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Join agent and writing mentor Sarah Bullen and her experienced team for guided in-person or online writing mentorships and retreats. At the end of our process, and if you commit to it, ​you will have a book, an e-course, or a story to share.

Are you ready to bring your book to life?

Established in 2007 by author and literary agent Sarah Bullen, The Writing Room is a support system for writers. We have well-established and successful courses for novel, memoir, and non-fiction writing.
The Writing Room helps writers throughout the book writing journey—whether you're working on your manuscript or you're looking for publishing advice.
We also run international retreats for creative connection and support.  
Start on a journey to bring your words to life.

So many paths to getting published. What is yours?

So, you have a story to tell...

Writing any book is no small thing. It is not a poem, a short story, or an article. It is not 10,000 or even 40,000 words.  A book is going to take you a year at least to write, and another year to get it to market. We take it seriously. 

The Writing Room has been running writing courses and writing mentorships for the past 17 years. We have retreats, mentorships and courses - all of these provide a structured system to help writers who want to become authors.  Our support systems will help you write your book. We also have more advanced writing workshops on editing, and getting your book published.

Stop Mucking About' and Write that story 


Write your Novel in 100 days

  • Craft a compelling novel in just 100 days.

  • Receive expert guidance, and accountability throughout the writing journey.

  • Join a supportive community of writers, fueling creativity and providing valuable feedback.


Online Writing Community

  • Access an online community of writers

  • Join in our weekly writing sessions, 

  • Commit to our monthly three day writing binges


Author Mentorship

  • Benefit from a personalized, year-long mentorship for your non-fiction book.

  • Receive expert coaching, guidance, and feedback from experienced mentors.

  • Transform your ideas into a powerful and impactful non-fiction masterpiece.

What Do We Offer


You want a personal, honest and upfront connection while your formulate your story​


Writing is a solo journey, but being able to reach out to others who are on the same journey is important


A mentor who can guide you and bring out the best in you, and your book.


You are open to a creative method that is rich and deep and to work with someone you can relate to and trust. ​


You want to go from thinking about your book, to writing it and getting it published. I like books to be commercially viable - and over 100 published authors will show you that it works.

Do You Want To Become An Author In 100 Days?

The book process will start and can take from 4 months to 24 months.

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Writing Advice and Tips