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Love & Above

What happens when you are in a coma for a month? Where does the soul travel? How do you come back? And what are the other-worldly secrets you may carry?

International author Sarah Bullen and her filmmaker husband were a golden couple, with thriving careers and two young children. Then Llewellyn realised that what he'd thought were entranced moments were in fact symptoms of a brain tumour. He pursues a shamanic path of traditional African medicine to fight the cancer, and the couple are catapulted into a magical world of ritual and ceremony.

Alongside hospitals, surgery and treatments comes another wilder journey of spiritual searching. Then the impossible happens, Sarah too falls ill. While in a month long coma, Sarah travels through near-death and into other realms and worlds.

She comes back with an urgent message from beyond, and a spark to follow which becomes a roadmap to allow her to write a new life story.  From African rituals to a Greek island of tantra, sex and celebration, Love and Above is filled with wild rapture and infinite possibility.

Write Your Book
in 100 Days

Tired of putting “write a book” on your to-do list? Need someone to kick-start you into finally writing it and guide you through the entire process, step by step? Then this BOOK is for you.

Whether you’re a rookie or experienced writer, a storyteller, influencer, company leader, speaker, expert with insight to share or just someone who loves putting words on paper, Write Your Book in 100 Days is going to show you how to write your story, so others want to read it.

This is a workbook and a journey into the heart of your story and what makes your book the best it can be. Its practical step-by-step process includes both technical writing tasks alongside heart ‘n soul exercises.


Romance 101

Throw away the rule book on relationships: Romance 101 is going to help couples find a way to put the va-vavoom back into their relationship, 21st-century style.

Every couple remembers the great dates, great laughs and hot sex they had before the kids arrived, but you are now more intimate with her IUD than with your husband, and he would rather watch TV than have sex. But help is at hand.
Romance 101 is every couple’s unconventional yet practical and fun guide on how to make their relationship work. This book is set to become the new relationship bible, because making a family work is about becoming more in touch with who you are and not about following an outdated formula for relationships.

“Covering topics such ‘ten new rules for love’, ‘terrible sex’, ‘handling affairs’, ‘the Dalai Lama divorce code’ and ‘hormones and hate crimes’, this is one book every couple should have on their bedside tables.”  Cosmopolitan 

Hey Baby!  

One minute you are in stilettos sipping Martinis on the company account, the next you are bulk-buying maxi-pads and freezing your breast milk in ice trays. For most new moms the about-turn in lifestyle is an unexpected shock. You may think you have a good idea, and smile serenely when you hear of frazzled nerves and sleep deprivation, but until you live it, you cannot truly imagine the harrowing shock of the first few months with a newborn baby. It is a lonely time, with few resources for advice on how to get through smiling.
This is the book for every woman who has ever asked “How can I get my body and my life back after my baby’s birth?” It is a practical and indispensable guide for the first 12 months after a birth that will take you from soft and saggy to firm and fabulous and from ratty and low to something approaching your old calm, confident self.. It should be a staple on every new mom’s shelf.
Sarah Bullen is a documentary maker, journalist and editor. She’s recently aired her documentary The Baby Business on SABC3.

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