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Professional Non-Fiction Ghostwriting

Professional Non-Fiction Ghostwriting

Do you have a book in you, but you don't actually want to write it yourself? The Writing Room has over 20 professional ghostwriters on our books who can write, research, build and deliver a strong book for you. We will source the right person for your book depending on your genre and needs. We only use former journalists, who have a proven track record in writing full length books. Some of them are listed here

Ghostwriting a book is
a long-term relationship.

The term ghostwriting covers a lot of things. It may mean you have a series of professional articles / e-books or courses that you want to amalgamate into a larger body of work. It may mean you have nothing but your story in your head and you need someone to tell it to. It may mean you want you history as an individual, professional or company written into a readable book. Individuals choose writers for various reasons including a lack of time, lack of confidence or simply a lack of desire to write the book on the topic.


All of these things are the way we can work and the cost for your book will depend on what you currently have in WRITTEN format.


A WRITER basically becomes your voice in expressing your thoughts and ideas. However most often the WRITER can only produce information given to them directly you. That means the book is contained, and constrained, by your own narrative.Ghostwriting a book is a long-term relationship. The editor (or ghostwriter) needs to understand the story but also to give your information a solid and readable structure, tone and an angle and edge.

Ghostwriting a book is a long-term relationship.

The editor (or ghostwriter) needs to understand the story but also to give your information a solid and readable structure, tone and an angle and edge.

Step 1

Fill in the form below, and you will also send an email with your book concept in a bit of an explanatory paragraph.

Step 2

We will give you quote.. usually based on word count or time.

Step 3

If both you and the editor decide you like each other and want to work together then a formal ghostwriting contract will be concluded and sign. That details payment terms, deadlines and obligations on both parties This Agreement is between the book Author (Client) and a professional writer who will write a book at the request of the Client. This agreement contains provisions regarding the number of words or pages the book must contain, the title and the tentative completion date. It also sets forth the compensation the Writer will be paid, how the book will be delivered and how the WRITER will receive credit for the book's creation.

Step 4

The book process will start and can take from 4 months to 24 months.

    No. All of the books I have written where HAVE found publishers but we simply can't guarantee that.
    Most of the book will be written using a series of interviews done online and recorded. The biggest job is to get the first version of the book together. Once the book is written in the first draft, there were be a series of approvals, meetings, additions and rewrites until we find the right tone, story, thread and voice. Writing a book is a long journey and we will spend a lot of time together. While I will write the book, it will contain your story and voice.
    No. Writing and editing are totally different functions and best done by different people. This will be a separate cost and we do work with many editors and can refer you.
    Quite a lot, to be honest. Writing a book is a LONG project. It will take a writer close to a year. We quote accordingly. We have given you some estimations below on what it may cost... but a lot of the cost depends on the seniority of the writer (specialist journalist vs writer) and the length and scope of the project. We are experts in writing a really strong book and getting it to market - and that is our primary business. ​ 1.GHOSTWRITING FEES (International see prices if you are living in Southern Africa below) Many of the books we write are published (in a printed form) and come in at a minimum word count of 50,000 words to meet trade standards for bookshops. However we will work on 30,000 for digital-only books. We have outlined the ghostwriting process a bit more lower. Book of 30,000-44,000 words approx $10,000 USD Book of 45,000 - 60,000 words approx $15,000 USD Book of 60,000-80,000 words approx $18,000 USD ZAR FEES (for clients in South Africa and Southern Africa only) Book of 30,000-44,000 words approx R60,000 ZAR Book of 45,000 - 60,000 words approx R120,000 Book of 60,000-80,000 words approx R180,000
    Most ghostwritten books (full length) take 12 months from first contact to final proof. Yes! Read that again. It takes a long time to write a book. I have written a few in four months, but these are where the 'author' had a strong body of written content from talks, courses and workshops.
    This depends on the style, length, subject matter, research required and tone. It also depends on how much written material you already have, or if all material will be collected via interviews. As a rough costing guideline a ghostwritten non-fiction book can cost from between $5,000 and up to $35,000.
    Yes, if its a good fit. Sarah Bullen is a professional ghostwriter with 14 non-fiction books published. She specialises in memoir (celebrity or public figure), mind-body-spirit, business or thought-leadership books with a global reach. Sarah takes on two books a year, with a focus on celebrity memoir, business, or thought-leadership books with a global reach. Sarah's clients range from celebrities, to publishing houses, professionals who want a book out there, but don't want to write it.
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