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Sarah Bullen

the book mentor

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Literary Agent. Author. Speaker. NDE experiencer. Cancer survivor. 

Sarah Bullen is a  multi-published author and writing coach and literary agent, leading international writing retreats and adventures in Europe and Africa. She is author of Write your Book in 100 Days, and is a former financial and magazine journalist writing for titles such as Marie Claire, The Guardian, Cosmopolitan and Psychologies UK. 


Sarah had a life-altering near-death experience where she was in a coma for three weeks. Her story has become a book Love & Above: A journey into shamanism, coma and joy.  Her latest book The Other Side: Journeys into Mysticism, Magic and Near Death follows on from that and gathers riveting and radical stories of people from Africa, who have crossed to the ‘other side’ or those who can contact it.


Sarah is also a professional ghostwriter for thought leaders and celebrities. 

She has had over 180 books published by writers she has mentored over the last two decades.  She has held editorial roles across both books, magazines and literary agencies.

Her books include:
Love & Above – A Journey into Shamanism, Coma and Joy. (2022)

Write your Book in 100 Days!  Stop Mucking about and Just Write It  (2020)

Romance 101. How your Relationship can Survive Kids, and other passion killers (2007)

Hey Baby! The Hip New Mom's Guide That's All About You (2005)



Sarah was a magazine journalist and a columnist and interviewed celebrities like RuPaul, Mark Shuttleworth, Jeff Koons and had written for magazines including Men's Health, Woman's Health, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, The Guardian and  New York Times.

She had a 10-year career as a newspaper and magazine journalist and editor. Her first book Hey Baby! The Hip New Mom's Guide that's all about You (Penguin) was a bestseller. Her second book Romance 101! Can your Relationship Survive your Kids and Other Passion Killers? (Penguin 2005) sold only 2,000 copies. In 2007 while still working as a magazine editor Sarah taught romance writing courses backed by the Avon group.  This expanded into How to Write a Novel courses and then into Memoir and Non-Fiction coaching.  She founded The Writing Room in 2009 and to date Sarah has guided and mentored over 1,000 authors around the world through her masterclasses, mentorships and writing events. Over 180 of these are published. 

Sarah's own story is inspirational has taken her to stages all over the world to talk about her dramatic and three-week long Near Death Experience.  This journey is the story in her latest book Love and Above: A journey through shamanism, coma and joy. (2022 Tafelberg) and The Other Side (release date 2024).

She was just 34 with a young family when her husband discovered he had a brain tumour. As he pursued a shamanic path to fight the cancer, they were both catapulted into a strange and magical world of ritual and ceremony. Then the impossible happened. As he entered his last weeks of life - Sarah too ended up fighting for her own life, in a coma on life support. She was to remain in the coma for four weeks and travelled through near-death and into other realms and worlds.  Her three week journey was recorded and has become a NDE story that captivates audiences from USA  to UK and in magazines from Marie Claire to Men’s Health and on talk shows and stages. 

After her husband died of brain cancer in 2012 she moved to a Greece island to heal, write and run writers retreats. and has consistently supported authors for the last decade. She is the founder of Black Ink Books, and works with publishers around the globe in English-speaking territories. 


Sarah is herself a cancer survivor. She had cancer four years after her husband died of brain cancer. That was in 2016. Sarah Bullen lives in Cape Town and spends part of the year in Greece and Botswana. She is a qualified African Constellations facilitator and works with Writing with the Ancestors. She does traditional rites of passage storytelling and curating storytelling retreats, and facilitating women's rites of passage.


Sarah has been featured in include: 

Elle Decoration (UK, Greece, Germany, South Africa), Women’s Health, Men's Health, Marie Claire, House and Leisure
House and Garden, Business Day, Business Day Wanted lifestyle supplement, New Media Publishing (freelance lifestyle writer and reviewer for a few of their custom titles), The Guardian (UK), Mail & Guardian, The Times, The Good Weekend, Fair Lady, Femina, Your Baby, Horizons, CNBC, eNCA, Cape Talk, SABC. Al Jazeera. Radio 707, Cape Talk and countless podcasts. 
She was the former personal finance editor at the Mail & Guardian, radio news editor at Business Day radio and had a 10 year career as a magazine publisher and editor. ​

​She also does traditional oral storytelling in women's circles and events, bringing centuries old stories to life … around fires, in circles and to those who need an old story to show them a new way. ​
Sarah is a frequent keynote speaker,  guest on talk shows and literary festivals and a contributor to magazines internationally.
She is an MC who hosts book launches and conferences.
She lectures in personal narrative fiction at MA level.   
Sarah has written over 14 books as a professional ghostwriter for business and thought leaders and celebrities.  

Sarah's expertise and heartfelt care are a rare find. I highly recommend her services as a writing coach and literary agent and am very grateful to have found her.

- Colleen-Joy Page Author of 'The Apple Tree and The Wisdom Well Way'


Sarah Bullen is a popular MC, hosting events, author talks and interviews with authors. She is a professional keynote speaker at business events, conferences and workshops. 



(either 60 mins or a 4 hour workshop)

1. How to Build a Book: How to Plan, Write and Sell your Book in 100 Days
2. Write your Novel in 100 Days
3. How to Write a Romance Novel 
4.  How to Write for Magazines and Blogs and Get Published

Sarah Bullen is a multi-published author, international writing coach and literary agent. Founder of The Writing Room and Kent Literary, she has had over 100 books published by writers she has mentored. As well as being a regular guest on talk shows, podcasts and writers’ circles, Sarah has been leading international writing retreats and adventures for the past decade. 


What's your story(40 mins)

Have you ever asked yourself what story you are living?   Sarah Bullen is a storytelling mentor and author and in this talk she unpack how we create our own living stories. She will take you down a trip of  mythic journeys and the Seven Thresholds we must all cross to move into adulthood,. She will ask how the stories you hear, and tell, most often form your personal narrative. But have you been telling the wrong ones?  And how can you identify this and change your living story? 

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