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This is a drop-in for our monthly three day event. We have one of these every single month. Please check the dates below. 


 Weekends are for writing, right? 


Before you book check your own timezone and that you can actually make the times and its not in the middle of the night for you.

The times are 11am GMT/UTC  - 6.30pm GMT / UTC

So that's 1pm -8.30pm in SA, 4am in  Pacific Time.


Remember you can join late or for any of the sessions,



So here are the rules... you can join for all three days of it... or a few of the times.

Once you register you will get a link for the entire time, and you can pop in and out using the same link.


We connect and chat at the start of each session.... and we break to connect every 1.5 hours.


You set your goals and your word count.

You can be working on any creative project.

This is a serious push to write, connect and get something done.


Upcoming At Home Retreats 2024

May 24 - 26  (****please note the date change)

​June 28-30

July 19- 21,

August 23 - 25 

September 20-21 

October 18-20

November 22 - 24 

December 13 - 15



If you join The Writing Community for $20 per month you have access to all of these for the whole year as well as our Wednesday Sessions  (better deal right?)

Or we also offer A Year of Writing and that includes all the above, plus two personal sessions. 



“After sitting for over a week with a stagnant word count, I managed to reach 7000 words in one at home retreat. Part of those 7000 words was the most daunting part of my novel that I have been putting off for months. I was overthinking it, procrastinating on it, and questioning myself on every word that came to mind. The weekend made me realise that

1. That’s every writer’s struggle and when you all gather and talk about it, it takes away the majority of the self-doubt because it’s not a “you” problem.

2. Having to answer to writers you respect on why you haven’t put the words on paper puts a real fire under your butt

3. Spending a weekend with like-minded people (even virtually) reignites the passion that made you start the project. 

Vicki Mac Callum - radio personality and journalist


"I’ve done a few of these retreats and I have yet to end a weekend feeling like it wasn’t the best investment I made that month” Richard Pickering USA

At Home Three Day Writing Binge Drop In

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