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Are you making writing time?

​I work with writers all over the world to help them get their books written and then published. And what is the one thing that published writers do that many unpublished writers don't?  They schedule writing time. And I mean literally put it in the diary.

Most writers will tell you that writing time doesn't always just happen. The Muse doesn't always strike. Sometimes writing is a hard slog. Sure, sometimes it flows. Sometimes it is like mud. But you have to do the slog. ​


The one thing we have learned in our international Complete your Book Mastermind groups is that it works to diarise writing time. This is what is going to get you to the end. This is what will end in your first draft. And we have enough writers with publishing deals to know that this is what works. 

So we set a date once a month for 'bum time'. That is a five hour stretch where you turn off all the distractions, shut off FB, shut off your email, Whatapp and the phone. And you crack out a good 5,000 words. That is going to take your word count up a notch. 

Join us! You can join in Cape Town or Joburg if you are a a graduate of one of our courses. Or simply take yourself to a quiet coffee shop anywhere in the world and get writing. 

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