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Babara Adaire

Writing mentor, Ghost Writer & Coach

Barbara Adair is a writer with published experience in the following areas: fiction - novels and short stories, travel articles, book reviews and academic articles. 

She writes, and also works part time at the University of the Witwatersrand Writing Centre and in Nairobi and Lamu, Kenya, teaching and assisting students in critical thinking.

In Tangier We Killed the Blue Parrot, Jacana, 2005. 

END, Jacana, 2009. WILL, the Passenger Delaying Flight, Modjaji Publishers, 2020.

 Short Stories in: New Contrast Literary Journal (South Africa), From the Great Wall to the Grand Canyon (US publication), Queer Africa – New and Collected Fiction: A collection of Southern African short stories. (Winner of the LAMDA (USA) prize for collected stories.), Queer Africa 2, a collection of queer Southern African short stories (finalist for the LAMDA (USA) awards 2018), Walking the Tightrope – Poetry and prose by LGBTQ writers from Africa.

Babara Adaire
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