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This is a mentorship that will finally get that book written, with a hard but supportive push.


This is a very structured programme that runs with a series of emails, tasks and key lessons. ​It will take your book all the way from an idea to a completed book  This could be a professional book, non-fiction, biography or memoir.  At the end of the process, and it you comit to it, you will have a book in your hand. 


Do you need a longer push? Please look at the 12-Month Immersive Mentorship with Sarah Bullen. 


What happens on the Mentorship? 

I know most writers need a few things to make real progress in their writing:

1. Some clear steps to follow to start, write and complete. 
2. Experienced mentors to give you the right advice, hold you accountable and make sure you get al the way to the end.
3. A methodology that works to push your book to completion, layout and publication. 

At the end of the process you will have a book ready to send to publishers. 
You are getting all these key elements.  The mentorship is highly successful because of the many accountability factors I have in place. ​These are the real day-to-day nudges that are included, to keep you writing, keep you inspired and most importantly help you over your writing slumps.   

This is not an online course at all, this is a mentorship process.  You will do the writing, with a team to support you.

For most of this process we are going to focus on the first 100 Days and we are going to push, prod and drive you to get to that point. What point? The point where you are sitting with your first draft in your hand. The 100 Days deadline means you have 10 days of planning and 90 days of solid, frenzied writing to get you there. 


For the first few months we will follow the clear writing process outlined in the book Write your Book in 100 Days . This is a process over 180 authors have used to write and publish over 17 years. It is solid. This is a clear and structured writing process that will get you to create, plan, write and COMPLETE your first draft of your book. 

Depending on what you enjoy in a creative process, you can join the group of authors travelling a similar journey or you can work solo with your mentor (but can dip into the group sessions for discipline and connection).  You will move down the path to publication,  but the writing journey is your own. 

  • You will be on a fixed and structured course with lessons and tasks that will bring together the architecture of your book. This is a very structured programme with a series of emails, calls and key lessons over these months and will take you all the way to a solid first draft over the first few months.  

  • Once your first draft is complete we will start the process of review and refinement. 

  •  You will work with a mentor and meet every 4 weeks to review your work and to keep your book on track and make sure you are meeting your word count deadlines. 

  • We expect updates every 2 weeks in the initial planning phases. As you move into the writing phase you will be required to complete a scene or chapter every two weeks for review and input.

  • ​We want you to put in the time - so we have a number of group writing dates. Every single Wednesday we have an (optional) scheduled writing group for 4 hours which will push up your word count and allow you to write in community and connect with your mentors and other authors. 

  • We have a monthly 'At Home Writing Binge' of three days of solid writing, 7 hours a day. 

​These are all part of the mentorship structure. 

In a nutshell, you will plan, write and produce your first draft over the first 100 days (realistically about 5-6 months with all the planning).  We follow the steps below. Each step will move in a linear fashion to take you from an idea to a completed draft. 

​Here’s how this is going to work. It is practical and based on our years of walking writers down the path to publication.
There are a few parts to this that sort of add up to 100 days. Well the working part does.
Part 1  [10 days]  Plan. Time to design and plot your book
Part 2  [90 days]  Write! You write hard and fast with a view to getting down a minimum of 50,000 words

Module: What have you got yourself into?
Module:  Should you plan or just write?
Module: Set up strong 
Module: Think Big! Why your book needs a Big Idea
Module:  Find Your Genre
Module: Do you need to be an expert to write?
Module: How to build a book
Module: Tackle your book scene-by-scene, chapter-by-chapter
Module:  What type of books is yours?
Module:  Where are you headed?
Module: Sarah's rules of writing
Module: Hook them from the start
Module: What do you need to give up?
Module: Where is your book set?
Module: The hero - that's you!
Module: Who is your reader?
Module: Do some research
Module: Who else is in your book?
Module: Make yourself more physical
Module: Get talking 
Module: The types of scenes you need
Module: Can we hear your voice?
Module: Who's causing trouble in your story?
Module: Are you talking to your reader?
Module: Tell the truth with courage and compassion
Module: How to write about yourself?
Module: Where's the conflict?
Module: Make a list
Module: How does your story end?
Module: Refine your title and subtitle
Module: How is it all working out for you?

* You get tasks to complete each week, and word count targets, that will take your book from start to a completed 50,000-80,000 word manuscript, if you follow the steps clearly.
* You can join the Wednesday Weekly writing group for 4 hours a week (optional of course) with lots of personal connection and chats. 
* You can join the once a month Three-Day Writing Binge (online) where we write for 8 hours a day for 3 days.




The cost is $1200 for the full mentorship. 

ZAR writers the cost is $800. To get the ZAR price please enter this code on checkout or see below for Bank Transfer details 




Bank Transfer Details 

TWR Events
Bank:    First National Bank / FNB
Account number    62629165136
Branch code      204009
Branch          TWR Hout Bay
Swift / BIC code      FIRNZAJJ
IBAN       FIRNZAJJ20400962629165136
OR JUST the account number  62629165136


Four Month Author Mentorship

$1 200,00Price
  • The investment in your mentorship is quoted on the information payment page and in your currency. This is because we have a ZAR rate and a USD rate that may differ. 

    These personal mentorships have limited spaces for new writers and there is a NO REFUND policy. For that reason we will have a personal call first to explain the process and how it works. 

    A full upfront payment is recommended and a discount offered for that, but we do have a payment plan that specifies the instalments and when they are paid. 


    • All personal sessions must be taken over 12 months from the start of the mentorship.

    • All fees paid are totally non-refundable for any reason whatsoever

    • Acceptance on the mentorship does not guarantee publication, or representation

    • There is a payment plan offered and this is a deposit with 5 more instalments payable. 

    • If you need to stop the process for any reason or cannot continue, you will be offered a deferment to the next year's mentorship and will be credited the number of remaining session to redeem in time that year. If that is not agreeable the remaining sessions will be credited to you for 24 months from termination date. 

    By choosing to participate in the mentorship you agree to: 
    Follow the rules and guidelines as outlined by the program coordinator, mentee training, program policies, and this contract; 
    Attend as many of the fixed writing dates as possible, within reason
    Make a one-year commitment to work on my book; 
    Meet at least 4 times with my mentor; 
    Make at least monthly contact with my mentor; 
    Be on time for scheduled meetings or call my mentor at least 24 hours beforehand if I am unable to make a meeting; 
    Participate in a closure process when the match comes to an end; 

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